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4/18/08 12:21 pm

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1/5/08 10:22 am

I've started writing essays with iambs that fall in cheerful little groups of five. And now I cannot seem to stop. Oh crap.

8/15/07 11:30 pm

i smell of wee

8/15/07 11:29 pm

Neil is a cock.

4/15/07 01:42 pm - Shameless sponsorship plug ahoy!

Hey, lovely people! I'm still alive, just.

I'm doing the Stonewall Equality walk on the 6th of May - it's a 10km mince through Brighton to support gender equality in the workplace and around the world.

I'm looking to raise at least £100 pounds for the organisation, and I'd really, really appreciate it if you could donate whatever you can afford. I've set up a JustGiving page where you can donate by credit/debit card; alternatively, just collar me in person and fill in a sponsorship form.

Go on, you tight sods, I know some of you just got your student loans this week. Dig deep, it's for charity. :P

With regards to actual life... meh, same old procrastination, really. I've got deadlines next week and I haven't done any work over the holidays, so today is my switch-off-the-internet-and-put-my-nose-to-the-grindstone day. Wish me luck! :)

3/15/07 12:37 pm

I think I'm just going to resign myself to the fact that this Livejournal will be for very occasional updates only, because these days I spend more time on Facebook and Myspace.

So. Where are we now?

I'm going out with Ash, for those who don't know. He's been a friend for about a year who I occasionally hooked up with for steamy funtimes, and over the New Years period we got a bit pilly and cuddly and lovey. Then, after the comedown, it turned out we actually DID love each other and it wasn't just the serotonin. Squee!

Uni has kind of suffered under the strains of Real Life (tm), as usually happens in the second year. I'm doing more work at the offy, and have a serious problem getting up in the morning at the moment, so early lectures and seminars kinda got skipped. But, I got all my work in on time, so it should be okay as long as I knuckle down over Easter.

I missed both my third-year option deadlines, annoyingly, so I'll probably end up doing somethign I really don't want to next year. But oh well.

Umm, what else? Oh, I've started writing a story novel sort of thing, under the influence of NaNoWriMo but without actually limiting myself to a month. It's called Winged, and it's a story about love, betrayal, misplaced trust, drugs, gays, and many other things. I might decide to publish a few chapters on here at some point, but don't hold your breath - I get very funny about creative writing criticisms.

We have also moved house! I now live with Neil and Muffy (and Bustine, obviously) on Viaduct Road (near the fire station) in a huuuuuuge house of doom. It's awesome.

Alright, that'll do for now. As I said earlier, i'm now on Facebook - look me up via my uni email, mh201@sussex.ac.uk.

12/16/06 05:59 pm - jassa'd!

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11/2/06 04:14 pm - STILL ALIVE

Alright, alright, you can stop nudging me, people. I'm still here.

So! Two and a half weeks ago, I broke up with Jimmy. At long last. The breakup was a little messy (isn't it always?) but went a lot better than could be expected. And he hasn't spent the time since sitting on his bedroom floor crying, which was what part of me worried about. So it's all good!

Since then, I've been frivolously spending my student loan like i've never frivolously spent it before. And done rather naughty things in the process. One week involved taking MDMA every other night, which was pretty damn stupid- yeah, it's fun, but I didn't like the person I become on it (aka cocky scene-queen) and the comedown is SO not worth it. So steering clear of that.

What else? Oh, me and Justine khiftd got elected cochairs of Sussex Uni LGBT. w00t! Also last night LGBrighTon held a batshit Halloween party (yes I know a day late shut up) at V2. Pretty much everyone dressed up- I went as an emo boy who took it too far. Here be me in costume (I also have a new cameraphone, a Sony Ericsson W810i, and it is THE SEX)Collapse )

Also, I'm piss-poor at the moment, so if anyone has any random requests for PC games and would like me to sell them, I'll have a dig through my mountain of shit :P

That'll do for now. Expect more updates as internet access becomes more prevalent. Toodles!

9/30/06 06:09 pm

Richard says:
Got this guy just walked in to my room without knocking
Richard says:
THat's quite rude
psyk0- new address! says:
how rude!
psyk0- new address! says:
was it a rentboy?
Richard says:
psyk0- new address! says:
or santa? santa's allowed
Richard says:
It was a rentboy in keele
Richard says:
A country rentboy
Richard says:
THey are more costly though
Richard says:
Cause you have to call them out
psyk0- new address! says:
tell me about it
psyk0- new address! says:
Richard says:

8/7/06 10:05 am - OMFG PICPOST

Photobucket - Video and Image Hosting

That's me in the blue! Yay, a pride photo that I don't look absolutely hideous in! Go here for the rest of my dad's photos...

Oh, also, our float came second. GO US.
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